Supported Services

In today’s business environment, many of the best opportunities require software development and ongoing support. We provide a variety of services to help clients solve problems in the most effective and economical way possible.

Software Development Service:

We focus on building Software Products as well as working on client Projects in Real estate, healthcare, logistics, Multimedia, CMS, Podcasting, CRM etc.

Virtual Programming Service:

In situations, where clients want to provide technical supervision and direction for their assigned team members, our Virtual Programming Services is the answer.

Tele Marketing Service:

Our professional Tele Marketing services enable to get high conversion rates and increased leads through driving more traffic toward our website on US real estate.

Finally, in cases where a client needs technical expertise provided by team members located in their office, SwamiSoft’s IT Staffing should be considered.

Area of Expertise

Design, Architect and Implement Cloud based Solutions
Web Development
Mobile App Development
Database Development
NodeJs, Java, .Net, Angular, ionic, Android, Ios
Container Technologies- Docker, Kubernetes
MicroServices Architecture
Infrastructure as code
Immutable Infrastructure
Modern Application development platforms

Please contact us to discuss how Swami Cyber Solutions can provide you software products that are delivered on time at a price you can afford.